Monday, June 6, 2011

Lil Mama: Nicki Minaj Wannabe?

Where do I start? This is just all wrong, it completely disappoints me. I see Lil Mama is going for the Nicki Minaj look, but it's really not working for her. Her dress is nice, but I think that the whole outfit would look better if she had found her whole style. It's obvious who her inspiration was... just look at the wig. Atleast she looks confident in it, but I wouldn't if I knew I was stealing someone else's looks. It has great potential to be a great outfit. There's just the fact that it's just not her. Come on Lil Mama! Develop your own sense of style. This is a definite fashion No-No. I hope you all have learned that individuality is the key to life.
I Love You... BYE <3


  1. Well, I don't think Nicki should be the only one that can wear that style of wig ;) BUT what's not working for me is her makeup. The eyelashes are too spidery and she should have some bolder makeup to complement the bold style she's trying to rock.
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    Pixie Warhol

  2. Well I sort of agree with you, everyone is free to do whatever they want but it is really Nicki's signature style. Lil Mama's whole look that night just wasn't her style and didn't express her personality. Personally, I think she chose to be a "copy" instead of an "original." Her makeup wasn't really working either; you're right, she should have gone for smoky eyes! Thanks though, for sharing your opinion :)