Monday, March 28, 2011

Colors Colors Colors

Well it's Spring now and of course, you know what that means! Cute Spring colors! I was just looking through an issue of Vogue and saw this white Max Mara suit. I like it, I mostly like how it looks on the model. She looks so smooth, and so confident. White will be the color of the month for April (yeah it's still March but I don't care). I think white looks amazing with black if you're wearing an all black outfit and white accessories, such as a white bag or white shoes. A perfect black and white example is in the second photo. I think too much black and white is sort of odd looking. When I see that, I think of checkered floor tiles... EW! So yeah, don't do that. White looks better with bold colors, light colors combined with white will make you look dainty and boring. Mix it with bright and bold colors in order to stand out. Ok! Now go get dressed, don't disappoint me! I love you... BYE <3

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lady Gaga

    Lady Gaga is just amazing. Her style is so original and im sure no one would even try to walk down the street dressed like her... but that's good, it makes her unique.One word that I would use to describe her? Uhm... brave. The things that i've seen her wear are quite odd, but it works for her. Everything from the meat outfit, the egg, the frog outfit, and the super high heels, Lady Gaga is... again... AMAZING! I give her the title of fashion icon for the month of April (I know it's still March... Shhh) ! Let Gaga inspire you in April. BE UNIQUE. I love you... BYE <3

Oh Yes!!!

     Heyyy. So I wanna say welcome to my new blog. I'm excited and I know you are too. We're gonna have so much fun, haha. I know you're gonna feel like a Fashion Goddess each time you read my blog SO READ IT! Mostly because you wanna start going for the runway look instead of Raggedy Ann :) but mainly becuase im awesome! Who wouldn't read my blog! Check back every week for updates! I love you... welcome... BYE <3