Saturday, April 23, 2011

Let's Try to Not Forget...

As I stated in a post before... White is the color of the month (I happened to totally forget that). April is almost over and I haven't made a post with gorgeous white clothes (until now). In the outfit above, I have a draped sweater by Michael Kors in white, black leather leggings by Arden B, white boots by L.A.M.B, white sunglasses by Guess, and a purple handbag by Marc Jacobs. I think that this outfit is gorgeous and is a perfect example of how to wear white. Purple handbag and black leggings stand out because everything else is white. Those two items really make the outfit "pop". With a white outfit there should always be at least one accessory that is bright and adds a little bit of spark to the outfit. I hope this inspired you to run to your closet or the nearest store and put some white on!
I love you... BYE <3

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Let's Strut Back to the 1920's!

      Hello! In History class, we're learning about the 1920's and a topic that came up was the era of the flappers. Since I'm like addicted to fashion, I was really interested. Who knew some boring lecture would inspire a post for my blog?! Well during the flapper era, fashion for women became more feminine. They started having a bit more fun with their clothes and I'm very proud! If it weren't for those flappers, I wonder what we would be wearing now. During this era, the shorter skirts and dresses made their debut. It was a world of fringes and bobbed hair. Women started wearing makeup at that point too... I'm sure many people today are happy about the makeup because without it I'm sure you all would look like pretty gross bats! (Just kidding!). Well yeah... I found this interesting and figured that I'd share some knowledge... if anyone cares!
I Love you... BYE <3

Monday, April 4, 2011

Giuseppe Zanotti

           Happy Monday! So... I happened to be surfing the web last night and I ran across these gorgeous shoes. They're by Giuseppe Zanotti. The most beautiful thing about these shoes is the leopard-print design. The leopard print just stands out and thats what drew me to these shoes! They would be useful to spice up any outfit. I bet if you wore a pair of these shoes, you would get a gazillion compliments and people would definitely ask you where you got it. I hope you're having a Happy Monday!!!
I love you... BYE <3

Friday, April 1, 2011

Gaga Gallery

        YAY! It's April 1st. Now time for our April Fashion Icon. Well it's Friday, and no one wants to read on Friday, so let's just look at some pretty pictures of Lady Gaga. Fun, right? Yeah... I knew you would agree.


(She's in the egg... btw.)

(I wonder what happened to her pants.)

(As I said, she would be the only one to walk down the street like this.)


I love you... BYE <3