Monday, June 6, 2011

2011 MTV Movie Awards: My Favorites!

Amber Lanchester looks gorgeous in her sparkly light pink dress. I adore sparkles and pink so I think she looks absolutely amazing. Her shoes are amazing. The black Giuseppe Zanotti platform wedges complete her outfit nicely and add a bit of an edge. Well done, Amber.

Amanda Bynes looked really pretty at the award show. All off the different colors she combined looks awesome. She's wearing a nude colored Herve Leger dress, a black Chanel clutch, and blue Christian Louboutin shoes. My favorite part of this outfit are the shoes; they are absolutely fabulous! I wish I had a pair. Well done, Amanda.

Emma Watson looks gorgeous! I love her ivory Marchesa dress, very classic. I think she would just look better with longer hair. Well done, Emma.

Emma Stone looked stunning last night. I love her layered orange and black Bottega Veneta dress. The first layer was lace and had a floral pattern (amazing) with a bow at the waist. The second layer was an orange bodysuit. Her clutch goes well with her outfit. I love it. Well done, Emma.

Take inspiration from these ladies when you pick out your next outfit. Have fun!

I Love You... BYE <3


  1. I absolutely loved Emma's look. That Bottega Veneta dress is perfect for her. Love her accessorizing too. Thank you for your comment, sweetie xoxo

  2. I loved her look too. Everything goes together so well! You're welcome, anytime... Thanks for commenting!



  3. I think Kristen Stewart missing from here :o)
    btw: nice!

  4. Haha, well I thought of her and she did look nice... But she just wasn't a favorite. Maybe next time! Thank you for commenting!