Monday, April 4, 2011

Giuseppe Zanotti

           Happy Monday! So... I happened to be surfing the web last night and I ran across these gorgeous shoes. They're by Giuseppe Zanotti. The most beautiful thing about these shoes is the leopard-print design. The leopard print just stands out and thats what drew me to these shoes! They would be useful to spice up any outfit. I bet if you wore a pair of these shoes, you would get a gazillion compliments and people would definitely ask you where you got it. I hope you're having a Happy Monday!!!
I love you... BYE <3


  1. those shoes are hot XD
    so they are all one shoe?
    :O you mention to be that you fashion sketch too?
    i would love to see some of yours ^^

  2. Yeah, I love them! No, they're all different shoes but they're In the same collection. And yes I sketch :) I'll probably send you a sketch one day!!!

  3. Dear Ria, thank you for the comment.

    Those shoes are fabulous! xx

  4. No problem,I know,they're amazingly gorgeous.

    Thank You!


  5. i'll kill for those shoes!!!

    i like your blog and i'll follow you
    i hope u'll follow me back

  6. Yes, these shoes are so pretty! Thanks for following and sure, I'll follow your blog.



  7. Thank you sweetie! Gosh love the ones with the bows! So cute!
    The beach is my second getaway place. I live near the longest beach in Sweden so in the mornings I always go down their to clear my head with some music and go for long walks. Truly one of the best things! x S.

  8. No Problem, thank you! I love all of them, I just can't choose a favorite... They're too cute. I love long walks on the beach too, very relaxing. That's so cool that you live close to a beach! Thanks for commenting :)