Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011

I got a chance to watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion show. It was so beautiful. The runway looked absolutely great and the models were incredibly gorgeous. 

One of the cutest things I saw was the silver sequined hoodie, I loved it... it was so sparkly and bright! I am definitely buying one. I also really liked the black polka dot hoodie in the shape of a Victoria's Secret dog (pictured above).  

I enjoyed the fact that the models were having so much fun. They really looked like they were enjoying themselves and that was the best part. The music was great and there was a happy and upbeat mood!

I enjoyed watching it, it was so lovely and I can't wait until next year. 

I Love You... BYE <3


  1. If you find the sparkly hoodies, PLEASE email me at that1chikk490@Gmail.com I have been searching everywhere, even called them. I think they were especially made for the show and not for sale. I want the black one so bad!!!!

  2. Hey thanks for commenting. The sequin hoodies were recently up on the website when I last checked on the night of the fashion show. Now I can't even find them on the site. I'm so sorry, I wish I could find them because I want one too! haha