Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Beach Time: Ruffles

Hey There! With summer about to start and the weather getting warmer, I'm sure many of you are already heading to the beaches. So it's time to look out your bathing suits! I'm absolutely in love with swimsuits with ruffles; it's an absolutely odd fascination. All of the swimsuits above are Juicy Couture. My favorite is the first one. The blue is very pretty and girly, the ruffled bottom adds and extra feminine touch. Aren't they too cute? Well grab your sunglasses, your tote bag, and your beach towel. Don't forget to buy your ruffled swimsuit! Time for the beach.
I love you... BYE <3

Monday, May 23, 2011

Billboard Music Awards Best Dressed: Top 5

Keri Hilson: Number 5
I really like her outfit. The best part about it is how she added the turquoise belt to the yellow dress. I don't like the mustard yellow color but it looks nice on her. The dress would have looked better if the neck line was cut into a scoop neck, the turtle neck sort of makes her look like shes choking. The outfit wasn't the best but I just found it interesting how she paired a turquoise belt with a yellow dress.

Justin Bieber: Number 4
Justin Bieber looked pretty handsome last night. The gold jacket really stood out and probably drew a lot of attention to him. I bet this wouldn't look good on everyone but it looked great on him.

Rihanna: Number 3
Rihanna wore a white suit! White is so classic and it looked amazing on her. She paired it with nude pumps which really added a relaxed touch to it. I love the fact that her hair is red. It went with this outfit so well... her hair was like a little accessory all by itself!

Taylor Swift: Number 2
I loved Taylor's dress. She looked like a princess, in an Elie Saab dress. I'm loving the champagne color. Taylor Swift always looks really nice in long, flowing dresses.

And ...

Selena Gomez: Number 1!

Selena Gomez was the best dressed to me. She looked absolutely elegant, and by wearing a hot little black dress, she tore away from her sweet Disney image for just one night. She was wearing a Dolce dress and Giuseppe heels. The dress looks absolutely gorgeous on her. The cutout sides add an edgy touch. Pairing it with red shoes was the icing on the cake. It was the ultimate award show outfit. Everyone should look at Selena as an example for the next show, some wardrobes could use a bit of editing.

I Love You... BYE <3